freedom fighters


Everyone should be free, but millions of people aren’t.

The amazing thing is, you can change this. Become a Freedom Fighter today.



Our supporters are doing what they love to fight what they hate: throwing dinner parties, climbing mountains, barbecuing, you name it. We can’t wait to see what you think of next.

Step 1

Pick an idea. Need something to get your brain going? Think about how you could put your own personal spin on one of these:

Run a race. Have a dance marathon. Get people to sponsor you for miles, minutes, or feet.

Host a dinner party. Have a wine tasting. Bring your friends together to end slavery.

Instead of asking for wedding or birthday presents, have people make a donation to your campaign.


Step 2




Start your campaign. Give your campaign page some personality: upload photos, explain what you’re doing, and spread the word.






Step 3


Download your #freedomfighter handbook. Inside, you will find ideas for fundraising, tips for talking about slavery and freedom, and how to make the most impact with your campaign.




There’s a million ways to fight slavery.

Here are a few #freedomfighters that wowed us:

Dan Lao - Climb for Captives Mount Hood

Climbed to the summit of Mount Hood and raised $6,307.

The Vander Pol Family

Used their annual BBQ party
to raise $1,300.

Laura Freedom Fighter - The Enchantments

Rallied her friends and did an 18 mile hike, raising $21,000.



Are you a business or church that wants to do something about slavery?


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