Slavery turns people into property. It uses violence, threats, and lies to capture people and keep them silent and obedient. It is a violation of our most basic human rights. No place is exempt from its presence, and it’s often hidden in plain sight.

Freedom changes lives for the better. Here’s how:


Kids forced into slavery spend their days serving sex buyers instead of going to school. Freedom gives them the opportunity to go back to school. An education means choices for their future, a renewed sense of confidence, and the chance to contribute to their communities.

Economic Development

Women set free from sexual slavery are given opportunities for education and vocational skills. This means they don’t have to go back to abuse and have the chance to use their education, vocation, and story to help their community thrive.


Being free means girls are no longer being locked away, hidden, or controlled. Being free means having the chance to make their own choices, pursue their own dreams, and be part of a community.

Mental Health

Slavery is abuse and abuse is traumatic. When people are free, the trauma stops, and the process of healing can begin. Women and children take part in recovery programs designed to help restore what has been broken on a mental and emotional level.


Children born into brothels are likely to continue on that path. When women are rescued and set free, so are their children.


Women and children set free from slavery have endured daily sexual abuse. They are exposed to STDs and often denied access to any medical care. Being free means no longer enduring harmful abuse and receiving the proper care that they need.

While there are more slaves in the world than ever before, there are also more opportunities to take a stand against slavery.

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